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CNC's annual report (may 2014)

films released, film and fiction production on television, film and television programme exports, hoshold spending on film, television and audiovisual equipment, movie-going public, film production, support for television production, distribution (...)

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Producing Movies in France // The Incentives Guide 2013

This yearly updated booklet is the English language guide to the French support system to cinema and TV. Content includes information about the Tax Rebate for International Production (eligible production companies and expenses, application process, the cultural tests), how to co-produce feature films (qualifying to the French system, available funding for French-qualified co-productions), TV-dramas, series and TV-documentaries, as well as about other grants for film & TV (World Cinema Support and local subsidies). The guide is published by Film France.

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Aide aux cinémas du monde (World cinema support)

world fund

Aide aux cinémas du monde ( World cinema support ) is a new fund dedicated to international co-productions.

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Presentation video about the CNC

Discover the CNC's principal responsibilities: supporting, regulating, negotiating, promoting and distributing, cooperating with local authorities, protecting film heritage

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French Film Archives
A journey of discovery investigates different aspects of French Film Archives activitie’s such as the history of a movie, a film director, film heritage’s professions...
Framework for a EU-wide Audiovisual Orphan Works Registry